Published Works by Rachel Sawaya

The works featured on this page have all been published by commercial publishers or chosen in contests. So far I haven't officially self-published anything under Rachel Sawaya. 
I have self-published under the names Joey DeLeen and R. J. Lyon

Short Stories

Available Online

Pristine is a Place to Start

This flash fiction piece was published in 2011 by Blip Magazine and is still available to view online. I suppose you could call it suspense or horror.

Paying Back the Ocean

Paying Back the Ocean is one of my favourite of my own short stories, not least because it won me a really nice prize (swimming with whales in Tonga). It came first in the WWF (World Wildlife Fund, not the wrestling!) Ocean:View competition. I know it's a cliché but I'd never won anything big before.

This was a short story that I hadn't had a lot of positive feedback on before I sent it in. I almost didn't send it in at all. Getting the phone call to let me know that I had won was one of the best moments of my life (so far!)

Luminous Shadows

This is a video piece I threw together for Mix and Mash in 2013. It was chosen for the May showcase.

The Milk Bar Man
Certificate winner, Intergeneration Storytelling Contest 2013 
I wrote this a while ago and entered it into this competition because it fit the bill. It's always nice to get a certificate.

Not Available Online

The Mail on Vivian Street

This short story was picked up by Radio New Zealand all the way back in 2008 and was produced for the air which was wonderful. They still play it occasionally.

The Colour of Love

Published in The Dominion Post in 2012.

The Ugliest

Children's story, published by Red Squirrel Magazine (Chinese translation) in early 2014.


Reading at the Hue and Cry Poetry Day 2013

Available Online

Black Eyed Pearls

An early version of a poem from my Masters of Creative Writing portfolio. Published by The 4th Floor Literary Journal.

Good Daughter

A pantoum published by Tilt-a-Whirl.

The Baobab Tree

Won the 2012 Takahe poetry competition. Published in Takake Magazine 77.
Available online as it was featured as a Tuesday Poem in August 2014.

Not Available Online


Published by Poetry NZ in issue 44.

A Careless Blacksmith

Published in Magma, a UK journal, issue 51.

Bamako: Bud

Published by Sport, issue 40

It's That Big

Hue and Cry, Issue 7

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